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Iteration for Multiple XML Array elements

Question asked by irfan.mugale on Nov 1, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2017 by irfan.mugale

Hello everyone,


There is a requirement where we need to extract multiple xml array elements and add them in a single xml body .


Request Packet














I need to extract all the element2,elements3,elements4 values which can be done by xpath and the values from xtracted are as follows:- ${elements2.elements},${elements3.elements},${elements4.elements}


After extracting the values i need to a make different packet and need bind the values in the same packet using run assertion and make the packet iterating depending upon the array xml element extracted from the above request packet


the values 1:${elements2.elements}

the values 2:${elements3.elements}

the values 3 :${elements4.elements}


Please suggest me how can i achieve this scenario