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Autosys WCC connection problem

Question asked by wghan on Nov 1, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2017 by DarrylA


Actually I have encountered  I could'nt connect to WCC as url (http://wcc01:8080/wcc/ui/login.html).


and I found any message on the as_server.BAT as below at the same time..


[10/30/2017 03:45:06]  ispUtil  

       ERROR: [0x00001071] ispUtil.HttpPostRequest: select failed or timedout on recv [timeout : 120]

       ERROR: [0x00001071] +_+_+_ispUtil::ReleasePC: peer closed


So I have restarted WCC server, but still have the problem.


Eventually I solved the problem after I restart manager service (as_server, scheduler) first and then continuoulsy restart wcc server.


Actually we have been encounting the phenomenon that we can not connect to WCC via CROM every couple of week, so we periodically restart WCC server every monday.


Why is this phenomenon happening ?

What is the reason for this? (Java, tomcat in WCC? or any other cause ?)

What are some things we can do to solve this problem? (upgrade or patch ??)


- Manager : autosys 11.3.6 sp5 on AIX 6.1

- WCC : wcc 11.4 sp4 on WIndows 2012