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Service Catalog findUser filter

Question asked by Pankaj Karmakar on Nov 2, 2017
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Hi Team,


Anyone have an idea of how to specify or condition with in a filter bean described below?


findUsers Method

Searches for users in the specified business unit based on the given array of filter beans. A Service Provider administrator has access to users for all business units.
findUsers(String sessionID, FilterBean[] filterBeanArr)
Required Parameters
sessionIDsecurity handle for calling webservices.[mandatory parameter]
filterBeanArrFilter Beans Array. Filter Bean holds the data for field name, operator, value. Valid fields that filter beans can assume are: pager_number, pri_phone_number, contact_uuid, description as state_name, inactive, middle_name, alt_phone_number, last_name, fax_number, name as title_name, alias, userid, location_name, name as country_name, userid as manager, mobile_phone_number, name, email_address, first_name, city Valid operands are: Contains,Equals,Not Equals,Starts With,Ends With
Return Value[] - contains a Array of user objects.


<findUsers xmlns="urn:usmUserService">