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CA ServiceDesk - Inserting workflow tasks with notifications

Question asked by jwood1 on Nov 2, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2017 by CarolPiccus

Hi all, 


I am struggling somewhat in trying to get notifications sent to a user when a task is pending. 


Currently, workflow tasks are linked to change orders. 

When a particular workflow task is pending, a macro will send out a task notification to the group. 


See pictures of this as an example. 






This works very well as long as the workflow template is defined appropriately.


My issue is that  users often need to insert a workflow after saving the change.

This inserted workflow task will differ each time and thus cannot be used in the workflow template.

I then need the same rule that sends the notification out when the inserted step eventually becomes pending. (it will initially be in a "wait" state). 


I have explored the possibility of adding a macro on the Insert Workflow Task activity notification detail, but the problem is that this does not provide for change order workflow task but change order only. 




Any ideas on how to get a notification sent out when an inserted task changes to pending?