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USS not login with casmadmin account after AD integration

Question asked by La-Qa on Nov 2, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2018 by carro28

Hello USS team


I need to do integration of USS with SDM and Service Catalog. I login to my uss control panel with casmadmin account to integrate it with EEM first which i did successfully. but after that i cannot login with casmadmin account in USS. However i can login rest of the users successfully . also with spadmin with AD password


But problem is how can i integrate uss with sdm n sc now?? as i cant able to login with casmadmin account..


Also there is no full right with rest of the users like settings--> data sources  (for integration)


Please advise. what to do


please note i have already casmadmin account in my servicedesk as well as in AD. and there is already integration placed between SDM n SC using CASMAdmin account. and i can login into SC n SDM with casmadmin account with no issue.