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Mapping Script output to an alert

Question asked by Ankur.Kumar.Mishra on Nov 3, 2017

Problem Area:

Would like to have top 5 processes which are consuming memory utilization when a memory alert is triggered.



Currently Nimsoft is capable to generate CPU related alert along with top 5 processes, a feature provided in cdm probe. But the same is not feasible for memory utilization. I know that there is already a voting going on in this forum to have this feature incorporated in cdm probe, but i want a work around till then.


Just a thought process to implement the solution and would like to know how much feasible is this.:-

As soon as a memory related alerts is generated from Nimsoft, a script will be executed from NAS. The script will pull out top 5 processes on that server which are consuming memory and then somehow we can map or add (prefix or suffix) in the main alert.


Let me know if the above thought can work !!!


Many thanks in advance.