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Problems with recording from PCAP - may be the library?

Question asked by BobBrundrett62351981 on Nov 3, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2017 by norre01

Good morning, community!

I'm attempting to create an image recording from a PCAP file using v9.5.1.  The documentation points me to the JNetPCAP organization to pull the binaries (, however that site seems to be down.


After a Google search, I went to SourceForge, and downloaded the latest package (1.4.r1425-1 from 5/2017).  I then unzipped and placed the jnetpcap.jar in my LISA_HOME\lib directory and the jnetpcap.dll (native library) to my LISA_HOME\bin directory.


When recording, I got this error (ignore that the folder name says 802):

Error from Devtest



Does anybody know if the most recent JNETPCAP version was tested w/ DevTest or if there's an "approved" version?

I'll update this after I try going back to a version from last year.