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What is the current state of CA SSO Docker support?

Question asked by Jim-Lundell-3M on Nov 3, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2017 by brian.w.jones



I'm simply looking for a high-level overview of how CA SSO supports Docket today -- and possibly in R12.8.


I've browsed a few discussions and it looks one can run CA SSO and CA Access Gateway in a container.  I've seen a request (with numerous votes from the community) for CA SSO agents to run in containers.    Is this a fair summary?


The reason I ask is that we have a pressing need to run Apache/JBoss in containers. If web agents will be able to run in containers in say R12.8 -- that would be nice to know.


We currently don't use CA Access Gateway -- but I'm wondering if we need to consider deploying this if this product is our only option to support SIteMinder-protected Apache/JBoss applications on Docker.


Any high-level guidance on how a company should support Docker/CA SSO Agents today -- and in the future -- would be tremendously appreciated!


Cheers, Jim