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Backout records

Question asked by FelicityV on Nov 7, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by dorol01

OK.  I give up.  Once again, I need basic information (from way back) and can't find it.  Oh for the days when the manuals explained the basics!!  As you know, I've been away from ENDEVOR for  LONG time - how/when are package backout records created?  We have some packages that end up with no backout information, even though the 'enable backout' option is turned on.  Is this because the footprint hasn't been created?  This is very basic stuff and if I could find a manual that explains how backout records are created, it would be so easy to figure this out without having to bother the community all the time.  If it's out there, could someone point me to it - because I have been completely unsuccessful in finding this very basic information.