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Tasks in a Gantt chart - changing date automatically

Question asked by Richwilko on Nov 9, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2017 by urmas

Tasks within a Gantt chart


Live - 14.3

Test - 15.3


Is anyone able to explain the following to me?


In the Test environment I have generated one of our project templates, I amend each project task date to the relevant start/finish. 

If I then submit a time sheet which is then posted in the system for some reason it seems to alter the start date of the task I have added time to on the time sheet within the Gantt chart. 


For example I set the start date of a particular task to - 09/11/2017, if I submit a time sheet ahead of time say the week after it will automatically update the task date with the same date of that week of the timesheet. 

Can anyone explain this?


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