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Decrease in DevTest server CPU and increase in TPS and response times during load test

Question asked by SamanM on Nov 8, 2017
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I am using DevTest 10. I have about 14 virtual services on a performance VSE. The services are a combination of MQ and Web Services. Each of those services are customized with a different concurrent capacity but think time for all equals 0. All of our services are customized such that all the unrecorded requests will be responded by the Live system. 


Once we run load test against those services, at some point in time, we get CPU drop (from 30% to 15%). At that exact moment when CPU drops, the TPS for some of the MQ services increases abruptly following increase in response times, and on the application side that uses the virtual services, there will be an MQ wait time of 2 minutes.


Please let me know if anyone had this issue before, and how it can be solved.