Tip: Troubleshooting "Access is denied" in CA PPM Jaspersoft Report

Discussion created by Kyle_R Employee on Nov 9, 2017
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Hello Everyone,


A quick example of troubleshooting one form of "Access is denied" when running a Jaspersoft Report.


  • An Administration user could run the report
  • The regular user could see the report, but not run it. They could run other reports.


Steps to Reproduce the Error

  • Log in as the user
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Run New Resource Allocations Report and receive:

Error Details

The server has encountered an error. Please excuse the inconvenience.

Error Message

Access is denied

  • But log in as Administrator, and worked.

Work Done

The following Knowledge Document TEC1519137 had been consulted and the two causes it listed ruled out:

What are the minimum access right(s) required for a CA PPM resource to view jaspersoft Reports?



  • ROLE_USER had same rights for the user as the administrator
  • The user was able to access Advanced Reporting and run other Reports successfully.
  • Setup in Reporting looked "essentially right."



1) Hovering with the mouse over the report, gave the path to where it was located, which was in:




This was same for both users.


2) Right click and "Export" the non-working Report, AND a working one for the end user that was in the same location and right below it.

  • Non-working: New Resource Allocations Report
  • Working: New Resource Remaining Availability Report


This creates two Zip files in your Downloads folder. You may rename each zip export for clarity.


3) Open up both Exports and Review for differences.


As per the screenshot, after everything was compared, there was a key difference.

The Administrator had an extra ad_hoc component under their person "users" folder, which was missing from the "shared" folder. See screenshot.



Moving this "Custom_Resource_and_Project_OBS_files" from the "users" folder to the "shared" folder allowed everyone with the current right to view this Report to also run it.


This was confirmed by the user.


I hope that this little walk-through may be useful to someone.

Thanks, Kyle_R.