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CAI Chrome Extension Setup Help

Question asked by Jason_J on Nov 9, 2017
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I recently came across the CAI Chrome Extension, which looks like it's capable of capturing req/res from a web app as you run through a scenario. This functionality would be really beneficial to us, but I'm having trouble getting the Server Setting correct.


Here is the info we use for our Workstation Registry and DevTest Console. I've tried a number of different combinations in the below Server Settings fields, but the extension isn't able to communicate correctly. Since I'm using SSL, do I need to configure that as well? There are some fields in the SSL settings I'm not sure how to populate, e.g. I've tried adding several of the local certs, but I don't know the password info, which has never been shared to consumers of the CA product. Please advise, thanks!


Workstation Registry: ssl://

DevTest Console: