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How many java processes should I see on UIM server?

Question asked by moores3 on Nov 9, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2017 by MelissaPotvin

We've set up a very small environment of UIM to take a look.  We have the DB and Primary Hub on the same server along with two other servers running robots.  We've had as many as 24 devices discovered.  I started having issues with UMP giving errors "The browser has temporarily disconnected from..."  I'd get a list of java errors when I viewed the error log from the warning triangle displayed.  Looking on the Primary Hub server, I see there are about 27 java processes running.  one of them using over 1 GB of memory and 50% CPU.


Would this be normal?  I know that we'll need a different configuration when we decide to roll this out.  I'm just wondering if there is something installed wrong or a configuration I can change.