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Task not associating with milestones of user stories

Question asked by Mayuresh.Athalekar on Nov 10, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2017 by michael.addington

I am trying to create a task dashboard for listing down specific tasks from milestones added in a user story.


e.g. a User story, say US101010 is marked for milestone release of R1.1. I add a task "Add DB table in customer_Info table" under the US and assigned a tag "DB_Task" to the task created.


Now in dashboard, i create the page using "Custom List" selected a "Task" and in Query, i added (Tags.Name = "DB_Task") so that it will pull all such tasks under the project.


Now this works fine till this time. But now when i want to filter the tasks from milestones for consolidating, i dont get anything under the milestone as tasks appears do not inherit the milestone from user stories. 


How to sort this issue ?