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SOAP Response message for http status in header is blank with FQDN URL

Question asked by Sajeela on Nov 10, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2017 by Sajeela

Hi Team,


We have an integration between Clarity application and an external system, WFI. WFI uses Other work write XML to create other works in Clarity upon a work flow approval in WFI. Once they receive response from Clarity, they mark their request status as closed. They use httpConn.getResponseMessage(); parameter from SOAP header to determine the closure of the request. When this integration was in place with Clarity version 13.3, they used to get 'OK' as the response for the mentioned parameter. We upgraded our environment from 13.3 to 15.2 last week. With WFI integration, they are able to create the Other work in Clarity, but they are not getting the response message for that particular parameter. They use Fully Qualified Domain name URL as endpoint URL and with HTTP connection.

For testing purpose, we tried with ip address URL, and we are receiving the message as 'OK', but with fully qualified domain name URL, we don't receive the message (but we receive the Success Message from XOG response though in both the cases). They are challenging on why there is no response for the httpConn.getResponseMessage(); using FQDN URL for 15.2 version. Can you please help me in understanding why there is a difference in response message in header with ip address URL and with FQDN URL?

We also tested this with SOAP UI.

Environment set up details:

- Load Balancer is enabled (Certificate applied) without sticky session.

- 2 application servers are available (No certificate applied)

- Both HTPS and HTTP are enabled

- WFI is using HTTP URL (which is one of the 2 application server URL)

We are able to replicate the same issue in UAT environment, which has 1 application server, HTTPS and HTTP enabled, and no Load Balancer.