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HELP PLEASE: Creating condition for log comment notification

Question asked by JamesB2 on Nov 13, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2017 by David-Ng

CA Service Desk manager conditions created in location Administration -> Events and Macros -> Macros.


Used for the purpose of creating a condition to attach to a Notification rule. Located in Administration -> Notifications -> Notification Rules


Then linked to an activity type. Administration -> Notifications ->Activity Notifications


Hoping someone here can help, I'm trying to create a condition/site defined condition for a notification rule on the activity "Log Comment". I'm wanting it to notify based on the following conditions but after playing around with different site defined conditions struggling to get it to work the way I want.



Use case example:


TenantA - Service Provider

TenantB - Customer

TenantC - Customer

TenantD - Customer

UserInTenantA - Employee/Analyst

UserinTenantB - Customer/Client



Notify comment logged if:


A comment is logged by a user from any tenant except by a user in TenantA


Do not Notify if:


A comment is logged by user from tenant A


Help please? Happy to clarify further if this isn't clear enough. Thank you