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SSL Certification with PAM

Question asked by jordanreich on Nov 13, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2017 by jordanreich

Hi all,


The SSL process continues. 


Attempting to complete this process:

How to replace a self signed SSL certificate with a 3rd party signed cert 


I have no luck using a .p7b in the keystore. So I have been using the .CRT that was created along with a .KEY file.


I created the keystore file doing the following command:


This resulted in a keystore.jks file. This file was moved to the C2O/.CONFIG location. 


Edited the OasisConfig file to adjust the following three lines...

#Defines the path of the keystore that is used for signing jars.
itpam.web.keystorepath=C:/Program Files/CA/PAM/server/c2o/.config/keystore
#Defines the password of the keystore that is used for signing jars.
#Defines the alias name of the certificate in the keystore that is used for signing jars.


Password has been removed. But the password being used was the direct password as a test. Not one that was encrypted for use in the file by the system. 


I attempted to use C:/Program Files/CA/PAM/server/c2o/.config/keystore and 
C:/Program Files/CA/PAM/server/c2o/.config/keystore.jks


When starting up PAM it was launch the first JAVA process and begin the boot-up process. It will never boot fully. It will eventually switch the service back to STOPPED.