Problem with time zone in sql query widget in dashboards

Discussion created by asafy on Nov 14, 2017


We're displaying current active alarms in an sql table in our dasboards.

we're querying the nas_alarms table with a simple query such as "select time_arrival,  hostname, message from nas_alarms"

The problem we're facing is that the value we see in the time_arrival column is lagging behind in 2 hours. The actual value that we see in the database is correct, and even in usm the time_arrival is correct.

The only place where we see a difference in the time_arrival value is in the sql widget. 

As a workaround we manipulate the output with a dateadd function in the select query, however this doesn't sound like a plausible solution.


Does anyone know how can we fix the timezone displayed in that widget?


Thanks in advance