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Unable to edit TSV Values on list page

Question asked by Sriraj.silla on Nov 14, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2017 by roland.parrotte

We are using some TSV fields in a custom object.

The user enters/updates these values in each record at will.

The issue we are facing is quite peculiar where the user is able to update the TSV values for every custom object instance on page 1 but unable to update the values on page 2, page 3 and so on. 

Consider there are 287 custom object instances where each page displays 20 records.


Page 1: Total 287 Records, Each page displays 20 records, User able to edit/update the TSV values.

Page 2: Total 287 Records, Each page displays 20 records, user sees the loading icon forever and unable to edit/update the TSV values 

When checked with inspect element on the web browser, we can notice that there are several no: of requests are being sent continuously but no response.


If admin configures the page to display all the records in one page, then all the records are editable by the user.

On a note, all the records (any number - we have tested till a maximum of 500) are editable as long as they are on the 1st page.


Clarity Version Used - 14.3 (on-premise)

Custom object created as a sub-object under Cost Plan object.

The issue is observed on both Chrome and IE browsers.


Please help us rectify the issue to be able to update the TSV values on any page (from page 2 of the sub-object and there on).