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Set Project financial status to 'Open' on converted projects

Question asked by Meenakshi_V on Nov 14, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2017 by Hatori_Tomomichi

Hi All,


We need to convert ideas to projects but have the financial status set to 'open'.

I have tried all of the methods given n the communities like setting the default, doing a override but have not been able to achieve the desired results.


I tried another method given on one of the threads of creating the converted project using the 'project from template' option. What is happening on my system is that the field is still set to 'Hold' but is editable now.


Financial status on the project created from an idea using 'project from template' option:

Financial status on the template:


Appreciate any help on the same.


Thanks  in advance,

Meenakshi V