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Wily SED - SAP env. and the monitoring env are proposed to be placed in 2 different DCs. ( with a latency of 80 ms ) What are the implications?

Question asked by VijaySubramanian81981701 on Nov 14, 2017

We are in an upgrade path ( upgrading Wily SED from to 10.1 ).The current SED infra and the SAP target hosts are in the same DC and Wily SED is functioning as required. As per the upgrade plan -  The agents will be reporting back to SED MOM hosted on a different data center ( with a latency of 80 ms ). What are my implications ? I remember reading a directive from CA that mentions both the WILY SED envi. and the monitored environment(agents) should be in the same DC. Need to get a clarity - or a document that would provide clarity.Thanks.