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Action item sent to wrong user

Question asked by TiagoAb on Nov 15, 2017
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More than one time we have users complaining about receiving action items (both in PPM organizer action item tab and email) that are not meant for them. I have tested these processes multiple times to see if i could reproduce the issue but so far i'm not able to.

The action items in question when i check the processes execution details i can see wich users were notified (step details) and i cant see any of the complaining users listed.


The processes in question have many notifications and action items in several steps, and they have not changed since PPM version 13.3.


We are on with msql server 2012.


In terms of database tables i can see the records created for those users in the notifications and action items tables.


What could be the cause for this behaviour? Some kind of error in the database during action item sending? Is it process related? Or resource ID/user_id problem? I am running out of ideas about his issue.


Thank you!