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Summary task in Clarity Gantt not recording percentage complete

Question asked by Christopher Yardin Champion on Nov 16, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2017 by Christopher Yardin

Hi All, I am a bit stumped on this one, so reaching out to the community.


One of our projects has been quite diligent in detailing out their project schedule against their Clarity project tasks. They are following a simple structure in the WBS of three levels:

1 - Phasing

2 - Combination of High Level Deliverables and core Summary Tasks representing these

3 - Detailed tasks and milestones where % complete is recorded against each task


There are no resources assigned to any of the tasks (simple task scheduling), but the PM is diligently recording % complete against each activity. One of the summary tasks are level 2 is not rolling up the % complete from the level 3 tasks (see picture with highlighted orange).


I have tried to rebuild the summary task by outdenting and then indenting again. The percentage complete remained at zero. I tried creating another task and then inserting the lower tasks under that instead (effectively recreating a new summary task to get the result), and that new summary task still had a percentage complete of zero.


What other things should I be checking for, or is this buggy behaviour? 


I am not sure if this communities post is related to this.