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Configure A Process - please help!

Question asked by Richwilko on Nov 16, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2017 by Michael Thibault

I would really appreciate it if somebody could explain to me how the configure process systems works in relation to the following:


For example we have a standard project process in place which works fine and picks up the standard project template as required.


I want to add an additional step into the process so I have copied the original standard project process and renamed it with v2 at the end. I have added the relevant step to the new version (v2) which is still in draft.


What I want to know is, because we have 100+ processes working on this standard project process, what is the best method of switching to the new process v2 without impacting the original project process?


I was under the impression all I had to do was set the original process to "on hold" and make the new process (v2) "active". This has just caused duplication of both processes on existing and new processes and now I am confused as to how I make this transition between the existing and the new process.  I have looked through the online documentation but it does not go into any detail about switching between processes.


Please help, thank you in advanced