Load Balancer Status Service

Discussion created by MichielHelder Champion on Nov 17, 2017

Many API gateway users are running a cluster for production availability, but are not managing the load balancer themselves so they need to involve a network admin when they need to do any maintenance or in case of other issues when they need to take a node offline. As a workaround for this, I have created a policy which can return a load balancer a status code. If configured correctly, the load balancer can automatically set the node status to online, offline or drain without manual interference from a network admin.


The policy file and docs can be found below. Please leave any feedback and suggestions here. Of course you are free to adjust this policy as required and I encourage anyone to shared improved versions here in the communities.


Documentation: Loadbalancer Status Service - V1.0.pdf 

Policy file: Loadbalancer Status Service - V1.0.xml 


This service is provided as-is without any kind of support. Use at your own risk.