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Secondary UMP installation

Question asked by anmol-k on Nov 20, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2017 by Yu_Ishitani

Hi ,


I am trying to install UMP . I have already installed my primary UMP on a windows machine and now i want to test secondary UMP on a linux machine. Now i have two issues:

1. I am using Windows authentication in MY-SQL . So i need to know how to configure that in my Linux server(used for secondary installation)

2. So basically i started without configuring step 1 and after doing multiple steps acc to the documentation but i am stuck on the point where i need to create a link to replace a folder named "Document_library" from primary UMP server(see the screenshot )

Now the problem is when i run the command  i get an error because in my linux server there is no directory named "data" in service directory. I am not able to figure out the issue behind non-existence of this directory.

Kindly Help