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Windows Authentication (IWA/NTLM) on multi-domain using two-way AD trust

Question asked by Gabriele_Rusconi-Moviri on Nov 20, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2017 by Albert_Fernandez

Scenario (see attached image): we have 4 AD Domains (,,, that are part of the forest COMPANY.COM. The four domains A, B, C and D are configured with a a two-way trust with another domain, called EXTRA.COM located on a different data-center. Finally the EXTRA.COM is configured with a two-way trust with the main forest domain COMPANY.COM.



Requirement: have Windows Authentication using NTLM for all the users of A, B, C and D domains.


Idea: configure IIS Web Server + Web Agent that manages the Windows Authentication scheme against the only one COMPANY.COM forest domain


Question: with this configuration NTLM Windows Authentication works for all the users of all the child domains A, B, C and D?



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