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Socket errors when HTTPS Performance Test

Question asked by BeckyJang on Nov 21, 2017
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I've done some performance tests with API Gateway 9.2.

Some parameters were tuned well I think.

The result of the tests was good enough. As expected, HTTP was twice as good as HTTPS,  (simply  http 4000 tps vs https 2000 tps )

But, there is a odd thing during the tests. When we test with HTTPS, we've got some errors all the time in JMeter(actually BlazeMeter). There is no error with HTTP. 


Is there specific tuning parameters for HTTPS processing?

Or, Any idea what could be the reason for this?


  • [JMeter erros]
Non HTTP response code: HTTP response message: Connection reset
Non HTTP response code: HTTP response message: connect timed out
Non HTTP response code: HTTP response message: Read timed out

The errors rate is under 0.2%. (We could ignore these errors, but have to explain)



  • [Config]

There is no LB between JMeter and API Gateway node.

JMeter VUser 2000


io.httpCoreConcurrency  2000

io.httpMaxConcurrency  2500

io.httpConnectionIdleTimeout  5

c3p0DataSource.maxPoolSize 2650




... (and irrelevant params)


note : I've got the same errors when we double them(concurrency).