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Property to point DevTest to a specific Firefox profile

Question asked by ebenezar.janga on Nov 21, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2017 by tsuyu04


 Is there a property or a way we can make devtest workstation point the browser it opens up for selenium test case execution to a specific profile. Since there are properties like selenium.browser.type etc


The intent behind this was, if i use my webdriver code in python and specify the arguments to firefox profile (which i have all required settings, ntlm authentication uris), i am able to open urls without seeing windows authentication box.

But when i run the test case in devtest, after the "get url" step, the windows authentication box appears.


I have wandered and searched deeply about this in the internet, none of the way worked and some are inefficient and doesnt suit my current requirement. But pointing webdriver to my profile which is customized is a solution i can think of.

And if there is a way to do that in DevTest, it is very helpful.


Not sure if devtest opens a browser to a specific profile or creates a temporary and delete, not sure of it's implementation.