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CA UIM and integration

Question asked by NickHD on Nov 22, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2018 by dwight-snow

Want to explore CA UIM and Autotask integration. We have the probes available but I cant find any documentation or community activity around it?


The Autotask Gateway is available from the marketplace

CA UIM AutoTask Gateway 


We're very keen to utilise the features listed on the marketplace too, so guidance on the configuration will be much appreciated if anyone has already undergone this, I'm struggling to find anything so far.




The solution triggers automatic ticket creation, updates and closing within AutoTask®. Key capabilities that boost staff productivity and speed issue resolution include:


- Automatic opening of tickets in AutoTask®.

- Automatic closing of alarms in CA UIM when the corresponding AutoTask® ticket has been closed

 - Automatic closing/updating of AutoTask® ticket when the corresponding CA UIM alarm is closed

= A ticket is automatically assigned to a specified UIM user to take corrective action