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Issues with Cognos/siteminder integration

Question asked by taylor.swanson on Nov 22, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2017 by emmle02

We have a 12.51 Policy server and a couple 10.2.1 Cognos servers using a 4.x enabled agent to connect the two. After weekly restarts this past sunday we were no long able to recieve the smsession token data into our cognos system. No changes were made to either side during the weekend but we had a failure none the less come money.


The error we recieve from the cognos side is:

We have verified the shared secret on the 4.x agent connection several times as well as verified that the namespaces within cognos have been able to connect to the user directories specified.


Upon our last test with the namespace for siteminder we ran into this issue:

Tested the CIS-DE namespace within cognos


CAM-AAA-0056 Unable to authenticate

CAM-AAA-0170 The user is not authenticated to Netegrity Siteminder

CAM-AAA-0167 Unable to retrieve SSO token or SM session specification


Has anyone had a similar issue with a resolution?