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'Risk Score Setup' allowing for 5 tiers of scoring

Question asked by Christopher Yardin Champion on Nov 23, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2017 by Dave_3.0

Hi All, reaching out to the PPM Community to see whether this is possible through configuration only (but not holding out hope).


We have successfully deployed the base configuration of Clarity for basic Project and Portfolio Management, including the definition of the risk heatmap into the 'Risk Score Setup'. See below.

PPM Risk Score


This translates to a risk heatmap that if coloured looks like below tiered for only 3 levels of scoring of "Low", "Medium", or "High" (while still being calculated with a multiplied score between 1 to 25).

PPM Risk Heatmap - Current State


The disconnect for us is that our Risk team, while being happy with a 5 x 5 scoring, want to tier the calculated risks in the map on 5 levels. See below.

PPM Risk Heatmap - Target state


The challenge is that I have tried to investigate whether I can change the lookup referenced in the 'Risk Score Setup' to include two additional values for "Very Low" and "Very High". The only lookup that I can find (that I assume the function references) is 'Risk Rating (Standard - LMH)' which is "System Restricted". Therefore I can't extend this.

PPM Risk Rating Lookup

And the values are restricted to:

PPM Risk Rating - lookup - values


Am I on the right path in which lookup is support the values for selection? If not, have any of you been able to extend the lookup so that there is a 5 tiers in the 'Risk Score Setup'?