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Javascript error, cannot use threads

Question asked by tolyen on Nov 23, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2017 by Maddalis

I click on a message to reply to a thread and nothing happens. In the console I get the following error message:


Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of undefined
at t.render (owl-web-14b7fbe7a3b35961412c1b2b0a38bca5.js:110)
at c._renderValidatedComponentWithoutOwnerOrContext (owl-web-14b7fbe7a3b35961412c1b2b0a38bca5.js:2176)
at c._renderValidatedComponent (owl-web-14b7fbe7a3b35961412c1b2b0a38bca5.js:2176)
at c.mountComponent (owl-web-14b7fbe7a3b35961412c1b2b0a38bca5.js:2172)
at Object.mountComponent (owl-web-14b7fbe7a3b35961412c1b2b0a38bca5.js:2681)
at f (owl-web-14b7fbe7a3b35961412c1b2b0a38bca5.js:2548)
at r.perform (owl-web-14b7fbe7a3b35961412c1b2b0a38bca5.js:2996)
at m (owl-web-14b7fbe7a3b35961412c1b2b0a38bca5.js:2549)
at r.perform (owl-web-14b7fbe7a3b35961412c1b2b0a38bca5.js:2996)
at Object.batchedUpdates (owl-web-14b7fbe7a3b35961412c1b2b0a38bca5.js:2351)




This happens using both the flowdock app and Chrome on both MacOS and Windows 7.


Is there something wrong with my account? Any ideas how to get threads working properly?