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Roll up stories that are outside a parent level project hierarchy

Question asked by WaltDietz on Nov 22, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2017 by DanPoling1351581

Is it possible to create project kanban views that access stories that are in a different parent structure.  Essentially, "I need to combine multiple teams progress to see my overall progress, but not in a all teams are working in a final product 'Release Train' fashion." I'm a project admin and have been asked to set up a project that needs info (stories) that are outside my highest level access. I know it can be done by moving the project high enough in the project structure.  However, the "roll up" needs to happen and be viewed at a lower level.  I don't have access outside of the "initiative implementation" project.


so the structure required needs Uber Team to roll up teams Shared Service 1...n, in order to report their own work. But Golf and Hotel are project managers that have to track multiple teams output. Uber team is Scrum. Golf is Kanban. Golf tells Shared Service 1 "I need these features" and Golf tells Shared Service 2 "I need these other features" . Project Manager Golf can only complete his initiative via 1 and 2, but needs to report his progress to Initiative Implementation. Shared Service 1 and 2 are also working on independent features for Project Manager Hotel. I just don't see a way to make "Initiative Implementation" happy without Rally double counting Shared Service 1 and 2 at the "Top Level" project. 


I don't see a way to configure Rally to make the above happen.


Any ideas?