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Message Routing(Route via HTTP) - Customize Request Query String

Question asked by Tattwa on Nov 23, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2017 by Tattwa

I have below requirement and looking for approach to achieve it


Requirement : Read request header before "Routing via HTTP" assertion and append in request as  query string.

e.g. Get value header parameter i.e. siteId="US_SiteID" and append in /public/v1/cart?siteId=US_SiteID


Idea on above problem :  Get ${request.http.header.<header-parameter-name>} and append with URI using ${request.http.parameter.<parameter-name>}


Challenge : How to set custom query string in request 


Approach : Custom assertion to read request header parameter value and append in request URI as /public/v1/cart?siteId=US_SiteID


Shall I go for custom assertion? if no,It would be great if anyone help me to achieve using out of the box policy assertions.