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CA Workload Automation AE support on AWS

Question asked by soundar_ca on Nov 23, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2017 by soundar_ca

Here is the HA configuration on AWS EC2 instance.  Please review and let me know if any changes or suggestion.


All EC2 instances with Win 2012 R2


Primary - EC2 instance (8vCPU,32GB) - EEM1, WCC1, AE1 

Shadow - EC2 instance (8vCPU,32GB)  - EEM2, AE2 

Tie-breaker - EC2 instance (8vCPU,32GB) - WCC2, AE3 

Meta-Store - EC2 instances with SQL-Server 2016 Standard Edition - 2vCPU,8GB

    --> AEDB1 

    --> WCCDB, AEDB2


Version details

AE: r11.3.6 SP6 (in HA with a tie-breaker)
WCC: r11.4 SP5
EEM: r12.51 CR04