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Discussion created by Mark Ireland Employee on Nov 24, 2017
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I have a couple of projects, that I have been designing a solution, working out best way to do it. But with all the TDM brainpower out there I thought I would also ask for your suggestions idea, to see how close or not they match mine.



The customer has 800+ databases, spread across various DB severs. We will need to connect to these as both target and source.

How would you say is the best way to construct these connections?

This is just for connection profiles etc.



We have ARD, within which we will generate numerous data fields for injection into various systems. The challenge is that we need to keep track of these variables and contents in a temp area as they are used in the flows of ARD. The idea being that it is populated by all new / add functions, then values used and updated for modify actions, finally removed for delete options. The flows will be separated and not all in one flow. (Separate Add/change/delete).


Also, each “record” would need to be flagged as a good or bad data (As required / used by the test case).

So, we get correct responses from the application. And, so we can use values via DevTest to validate data in the end application database.


Any ideas, suggestions please as I said I have come up with some ideas for solutions, but am only human.