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How to introduce dynamic thinktime for certain percentage of requests in VSM for MQ publisher Steps

Question asked by vinit.malhotra on Nov 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2017 by Kevin.Bowman

Hi All,


Please find below my use case and support in providing the optimal solution for the same.


I am currently having a IBM MQ based VSM  which serves following scenario.

1) Once the request is reached to listen step, I need to send back the ACK response on a ACK Queue. (Response selected from VSI, where i have kept a think time) 

Question - I need to vary this think time between a range i.e 0 to 500ms. How do i do this?


2) After the ACK response is sent, I have another publisher step in which I am posting a message on 2 another Queues one after the other.

a) Reffered message on the Queue

b) Approved message on the Queue.


Requirement :- Requirement of the testing team is that the referred message should be posted on the Queue with variable think time.

30% of the times it should have delay as between 501ms-18s

30% of the times it should have delay as between 19s-38s

40% of the times it should have delay as between 39s-59s


Question :- 

a) in the VSM, how do i set the think time while using IBM MQ publish step(depreciated). I believe using a java script step before this step and using Thread.sleep is not a best approach. How shall i introduce the delay.


b) How do i fluctuate the delay based on the load criteria mentioned above.