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Need advice on push notifications and open sockets

Question asked by marklawford on Nov 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2017 by Sascha Preibisch

I'll preface by saying first that I probably have enough technical knowledge to be a little dangerous and not enough to be entirely confident that I'm phrasing the question correctly...


We're looking to implement a chat service to be consumed by a mobile application. Messages sent by the app user (the customer) can be routed to the messaging hub situated behing the API Gateway. We can also route typing status messages the same way.


Operator messages are also routed from the messaging hub to the API Gateway.


Once there, the current intention is to use a push notification mechanism (across iOS and Android) to get the operator messages to the mobile app.


The question really is whether there is a more effective/efficient means of getting content (messages, alerts, etc.) from the messaging hub through the API Gateway and onto the mobile app.


I understand that the underlying mechanism used by push is a socket opened between the device and the push services (hosted by Apple or Google, as appropriate). We're using the MAG SDK. Is there anything in there that maintains an open socket between Gateway and device? Anything that we can leverage to send information/content direct to the device?