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LDAP Sync Functionality

Question asked by jlhawley on Nov 24, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2017 by jlhawley

I added several new locations that have no users in them yet. After adding the locations several of my existing users were added to these locations after the ldap sync. Looking into the issue, I was wondering a few things. The street address for a lot (not all) of the users that were moved show a slightly different variation now in Active Directory; for example, Highway is abbreviated to HWY and several other small changes. Would this affect the sync, if the address varied at all? Additionally, if it was unable to sync, what would the logic point to if the street address wasn't a full match? The reason I ask that is because all new locations begin with CB and the users were synced to these locations that were in the same zip code and geographically close to their real locations. I am going through and updating all effected locations that have street address variance but wanted to know if this may fix the issue?