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Problem:  process languages in a content package

Question asked by Danpego on Nov 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2017 by Shoichi_Sugawara

I am seeing that there is  problem in feature content package of Clarity v15.3 (also v14)


When a process is multilanguage (has translations for text fields) and it is exported to a content package, then some text fields are lost; such as:

  • Action name  translations *
  • Action Description translations *


* (just english languageCode="en" is saved to xml)


In fact the problem seems that the contents of the Action Item name/description fields are being written over Action fields.


Initial Action name, desc and translations:

Action name, desc

Initial Action Item subject, desc and translations:

Action Item translations


After creating a content package, content of the process xml

xml content


So after uploading the previous content package the "Action" Name, Desc translations are lost/replaced, except the english one.


Action name, desc after uploading pckg


Note:  the export of same process using XOG (bpm_processes_read.xml or content_pack_read.xml) has a different behavior for tags <nls> and the text is correct.


is it a defect?

Have u found the same using XOG from CLI?

Experiences and/or  tips creating and supporting multilanguage processes?