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Web services - Detect User ID in activity condition

Question asked by Sandeep.Sharma on Nov 28, 2017
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One of our client's is implementing a 2 way integration between CA SDM and 3rd party tools using the CA SDM SOAP web services methods (inbound) and custom developed web services (outbound). For outbound integration i.e. from CA SDM to 3rd party, a new notification method has been configured with activity notifications. In order to prevent looping, we need to detect any inbound events i.e. create ticket, log activity etc. on CA SDM side so that notification rules condition can suppress activities performed by this specific ca sdm web services user ID. How can this be done i.e. detect which user id (web services user id) had created the ticket?


Comparing this with activities performed by user using CA SDM web interface, the ticket's creator and activity's performer i.e. last modified by userid for ticket is set to the logged in user! And I can use these attributes in the condition to detect who performed the activity.


Regards, Sandeep