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How to retrieve the target after WebAgent-OnReject-Redirect

Question asked by Marc.Bergeron on Nov 28, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2017 by Hubert Dennis


I'm trying to configure a global response for fail authentication : WebAgent-OnReject-Redirect /loginApp/public/login?err=01

In my login page, the submit post to login.fcc and include the hidden field "target" from what the user was trying to access (Exemple : .../myTargetApp/Default.html)

If it is a wrong account or pwd, it is redirected to /loginApp/public/login?err=01.

How can we retrive the target? I know the target could be retrieve from the referer but we don't like that solution.

Is there a way to include the target in the querystring in that rule? : WebAgent-OnReject-Redirect /loginApp/public/login?err=01

What are the best practices?