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Entry point for test case execution impacts percent complete?

Question asked by Rebecca Rabe on Nov 28, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2017 by blawe01

I have an agile team that chose to tie Test Cases to their stories in a sprint, then also tie those Test Cases to a Test Set for that same sprint.  They like the summary reporting provided for the Test Set and want to see it all the time whether they were executing the first time as part of a story or in some later sprint as part of a regression effort (e.g Test Status by Test Set).


They reported that the Percent complete of those test cases changes depending on how they execute them.  They begin on the Iteration Status page, then select the test cases from there.  However, there is a difference in how the % complete calculates:

"- When we execute test cases beneath the test set, the % complete goes to the test cases under the stories

- When we execute test cases beneath the stories, the % complete does NOT go to the test set"


Can someone please explain whether this was done intentionally and if so, why?


Thank you.