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Additional Searchfild for customer in Incident Detail

Question asked by veiba02 on Nov 29, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2017 by Jon_Israel

Hi team,


to the incident detail screen I want to add a local attribute, the hr-id of the customer of the incident, to give the possibility to search for the customer additionally  by his hr-id. The hr-id is a plain text local attribute (zPNR) in the object cnt. I did manage to  show this hr-id  in the incident detail screen for the customer assigned to the incident after the incident is saved.  When creating a new incident or edit an existing one and the customer is found by name, the hr-id must be shown and if the customer is found by his hr-id, the name must be shown immediately. I added the hr-id to the incident search screen and it is no problem to find the related contact.
I also defined a Go To for this hr-id and  Quick Profile is shown which also gives the possibility to create  an incident, but the customer does not want to use the search and quick profile. Is it possible to realize this request? How can it be done?

Regards Baerbel