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How do I modify a Document in CA PPM?

Question asked by Floyd.kershner on Nov 29, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2017 by Dale_Stockman

My projects have a folder tree under the collab tab. when I go to make changes to documents in one of these folders I am unable to save changes. Let me offer an example.

Step 1. I create a project charter and upload it to the appropriate folder.

Step 2. later I come back and need to make changes. So I check this document out. When I open it the system says it is opened read only.

Step 3. I go ahead and enable edit

Step 4. I make changes and upload

Step 5. CA PPM tells me there already is a doc with the same name and tells me to save under a different name.


I thought PPM would support versioning without my manually doing this. I have tried several variations of the above with no success.