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Who uses IT Service Management and what do you use it for? It is for non-project work?

Question asked by Garrett-S on Nov 29, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by Garrett-S

We currently use Other Work for our operational work buckets(Break.Fix, Routine Ops, and Service Request Fulfillment), but our clients are wanting more granular data rather than just a bucket.  The end result we would be able to show them more detailed "categories/tasks" that include the ability to view the resource allocations and the actuals logged against that "category/task."  As a result, we are looking at using Applications and "Operational" projects.  But, then the phrase "these departments are providing a 'service'" keeps getting mentioned and therefore IT Service Management has become part of the discussion.  But I really wonder if the term "service" that we use matches what PPM defines as a "service.  From reading the docops, it seems a PPM service is a lot more complex than how we define it.  For us a "service" is implementing a server, or supporting an application or system.


So here are my questions: 

How do you capture non-project work and/or supporting an application?

If you use services, how do you use it?


Thanks in advance for your feedback.