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Can I specify the jars classpath from within a project?

Question asked by roycesin on Nov 30, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2017 by Mike_Gavaghan

Hey Community


Any insight or suggestions on this matter would be appreciated!


My Goal: Be able to execute tests using the Test Runner command line that uses custom classes loaded in from jars placed in the same project folder as the test scripts.


Version: DevTest v8.3

Installation Type: Individual not Shared




  • I'm using the Custom Test Step to load in custom classes.
    (Define a Custom Java Test Step - DevTest Solutions - 8.0 - CA Technologies Documentation )
  • I have been testing on my local computer and will need to this our server.
  • On our company server I don't have access to DevTest/lib/core or DevTest/hotdeploy on our server. So all the jars that are needed for the test needs to be contained in the project folder where the test scripts are. 


What I have tried

  • When the files are placed in DevTest/lib/core (I know I shouldn't) - it works.  But I can't use this one the server
  • When the files are placed in DevTest/hotdeploy - It still works as expected, but I can't use this one the server.
  • In project.config I've set HOT_DEPLOY and MORE_JARS to the path where my jars were located but it did not work. 


What I have not tried



If it is unavoidable I will get the server team to deploy the jars into the DevTest/hotdeploy folder.