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WAS liberty wily agent name customization

Question asked by pujitha.alla on Nov 30, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2017 by Hiko_Davis

Hello Community,

I have installed Wily agent 10.5 for WebSphere liberty

I have modified jvm.options under <Liberty_Home>/etc/jvm.options

but not able to customize agent naming based on application when I use jvm.options file under etc folder as all profiles on that server are showing same name as Liberty.

I know that I need to pass extra parameters to customize naming , but those only work at server level <Liberty_Home>/usr/servers/<Liberty_Server_Name>/jvm.options 


We dont want to maintain multiple jvm.options files, we want to maintain them @ base level.(<Liberty_Home>/etc/jvm.options)



When I am using -Dintroscope.agent.agentName all the jvms on that server are showing as Liberty.

Can someone please help me on this , how we can customize for each profile on the same node.